Meet the Between the Sticks Team!

Meet the inaugural members behind the creation of Between The Sticks Vancity! 4 university students, with diverse backgrounds in the world’s game, linked together by their love for Whitecaps football. We all come from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island but have moved to various institutions for our postsecondary schooling. We decided to start up this project to share our love for the Caps with fellow fans and others looking to get into the club, so feel free to share with anyone you believe may enjoy stopping by. We hope to see you at Caps games and events in the near future and here is to a successful season on and off the pitch!

Alexandre Gangué-Ruzic:

Alex is a first-year student at Simon Fraser University. He is an avid footy fan, having started playing at the age of five and watching at the age of six. Also a big hockey player and fan, he combines these two sports on the field, where his playstyle is a self-described false nine that looks like “if Romelu Lukaku and Mesut Ozil had a baby”. He loves a good tackle as much as he loves a good pass and is probably one of the only people in the world to use a possession-based 4-4-2 when he plays Fifa. This random mix continues off the field, where he is a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world” who’s ancestry contains at least 8 different countries. Some of his favourite football memories include watching Man U win the champions league in 2008 and when he got to watch Senegal play at the recent World Cup in 2018. He has been sporadically going to Whitecaps games since the Swangard days but has become a regular visitor to BC place since the 2015 season. His favourite Whitecaps moment is when they hosted their first home playoff match in 2015, and he hopes to see more of that kind of atmosphere in the near future.

Karim Winski:

Karim Winski is a student at the University of Ottawa. He is a huge football fan who thinks of football as a lifestyle. Being of Polish and Moroccan descent, football was an inevitable way of life. Karim started playing at the age of five as a striker, however, he slowly drifted positions throughout the years and now finds himself as a right back and defensive midfielder. A self-described “hot-head” on the field, he loves an intense game filled with high tempo and constant energy. His style of play is often described as “Philipp Lahm with a shot”, even though his all-time favourite player is Kaka. He believes that every game should be played as if it’s the last game you’ll ever play. Everything must be left on that field and if you aren’t tired at the end of the game, you didn’t try enough. He’ll often tell you that his favourite moment in football is either when Barcelona beat PSG 6-1 or when Leicester won the Premier League in 2016. Although now in the capital, having lived in North Vancouver, the Whitecaps were a clear choice as a favourite team for him. He has been actively following them since the 2016 season and now describes himself as a “die-hard” fan. He hopes the Whitecaps can find some success this season after a disappointing 2018 year.

Jan Rozylo:

Jan Rozylo is a first-year student at the University of Victoria. He is a football fanatic that loves every aspect of the beautiful game. Although he started following football later in his life, sports have always been a passion for him after being born to Polish parents. Jan started watching at the age of nine and started playing the following year after getting hooked on the sport. Naturally playing on the wings over the years, he loves a run down the line or cutting inside and having a shot on goal. Emulating his playstyle over that of Iniesta, his favourite player, he often delivers more assists than goals. Although passing is his strong suit, he likes to incorporate pace and skills into his playstyle after watching players like Balotelli and Cristiano Ronaldo. Players like these are a reason why he is most excited in watching creativity build up an attack on the pitch. His most favourite moments in the history of the game include following Spain’s journey during the 2010 World Cup or seeing Manchester City clutch the Premier League Trophy in 2012 after defeating QPR in a wild 3-2 victory. Living on Vancouver Island hasn’t made it easy for him to watch Whitecaps games in person but his earliest memory is when his dad took him to see the Whitecaps host New York City FC back in 2015. Ever since then Jan has actively been supporting them with a dying passion, going to BC Place whenever the opportunity arises. He is interested in seeing what direction Marc Dos Santos takes the Whitecaps in the upcoming season after so many changes being made to the team.

Keveren Guillou:

 Keveren is an undergrad student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  Born and raised in Vancouver, he has observed first hand how the football community has developed over the years and has watched the Caps grow from Swanguard, all the way to BC Place.  Though he has never been the most talented player on the pitch, his passions for the game has never diminished. Having started as a striker, he somehow ended up on the other side of the ball as a goalkeeper.  This gave him a view of the field where he encourages a heavy press while still maintaining a relatively deep back line. He was overjoyed with France’s performance at last summers World Cup, as he is a dual French-Canadian citizen, and he hopes to one day see Canada accomplish the same.  Keveren considers himself an active member of the Francophone community in BC and has participated in many events that promote Francophone culture in the province. He hopes to engage in discussions with other fans over the course of the season, and include differing perspectives in his writing.

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