Match Preview #1 – Pacific FC vs. HFX Wanderers FC

The first ever match Pacific FC match.

Pacific FC begins their journey in the CPL with their very first game taking place this Sunday versus the Halifax Wanderers. The game should be an interesting one as it is a battle of the coasts, with Pacific representing the West and the Wanderers representing Halifax back East. Without a doubt the game should be exciting as it will set the pace and tone for future games to come. With the likes of experienced players such as Marcus Haber and Issey Nakajima-Farran hitting the pitch alongside promising prospects like Kadin Chung and Matthew Baldisimo it will allow Pacific FC to display their talents through the diversity present within the team. Pacific FC will be looking to grab their first 3 points of the 2019 CPL season at home in Westhills Stadium in front of a West Coast crowd that has been anticipating seeing them in action for months.

With the multitude of teams present in the newly made CPL we are in for a treat as to see what the rest of the season will bring. Pacific FC starting the season against another island based team should bring a surprise to players and fans alike since it is their first time ever playing in a competitive match. It will allow for Pacific to display their caliber against a team that looks similar to them on paper, with both teams having experienced players leading their respective teams forward. On the contrary, Pacific’s predominantly Canadian squad facing the abundance of International players on the Wanderers should will show how the locals fair against a team filled with a multitude of play styles and backgrounds.

An interesting factor to this game is the travel time for Halifax Wanderers FC. Halifax will have to travel across the country, across a 4 hour time difference. This travel time says a lot about the sheer mass of Canada, and may come as a shock to international players who are used to bus rides to travel from city to city within their countries. The lengthy trip is the third furthest distance in world soccer.

BTS Vancity Player to Watch:

For the first game of the season we would have given ex-Whitecap Marcel de Jong the award, however it is unlikely he will be on the pitch anytime soon after suffering a potential season-ending Achilles tendon injury during training last month. Therefore, we believe that Issey Nakajima-Farran should be the player to watch as he was known for being a prolific goalscorer during his time spent in Denmark and Malaysia earlier in his career. His talent of being a team leader should also be evident on the pitch, being the the oldest player currently on the team. He will definitely influence Pacific FC with the years of experience he has under his belt.  

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