The Third Sub Episode 12: Analyzing how South Korea’s return to play could affect MLS, CPL

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Third Sub!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to discuss soccer from more of a global standpoint, as parts of the world find themselves close to returning to play after this COVID-19 related hiatus.

They analyze how the return of some of those leagues, such as South Korea’s KLeague, can impact North American leagues such as MLS and the CPL, who are surely keeping an eye on their Korean counterparts.

After that, the talk shifts to France, where it was announced that they are not going to resume the 2019-2020 season, joining the Netherlands and Belgium in the decision to do so. Alex shares why he thinks that is ridiculous, as he states his desire for completing this year first, then worrying about changing next year.

The episode then rounds off with a look down at the US, where USSoccer finds itself in the midst of a battle with their own USWNT surrounding the ‘Equal Pay’ debate. Despite all that the USWNT has done to drum interest in the sport all over the country, they still get treated as a b-rate team, so Alex and Sam share their thoughts on why they find that absurd, especially from the point of view of USSoccer.

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