The Third Sub Episode 17: MLS is back, CPL not far away, applauding players supporting Black Lives Matter and more

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to talk about some loaded subjects in both the North American and European soccer scene.

First, they take a look at MLS’s return to play strategy, which only materialized after intense negotiations, during which the MLSPA and MLS’s owners butted heads on a myriad of issues. Despite strong resistance from the owners, the MLSPA stood strong, and eventually got most of the concessions that they wanted on a new CBA, paving the way for a return next month in Orlando.

After that, talks shift up towards Canada, where the CPL is preparing a similar return plan to that of MLS, but they find themselves a few steps behind their fellow North American league, as the PFACan looks to ensure that its players are taken care of ahead of this proposed tournament.

To round off the episode, the talk then shifts over to Europe and Asia for the weekly roundup of German and Korean football, with lots of interesting games to analyze in both circuits.

And with everything going on in the US, Canada and all around the world, as people justly stand up against systemic racism in the wake of the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery murders, Alex and Sam also both share their thoughts on the importance of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, while tipping their cap to those in the Bundesliga this weekend who did just that.

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