Our Team

Meet the inaugural members behind the creation of Between The Sticks Vancity! 6 university students, with diverse backgrounds in the world’s game, linked together by their love for Whitecaps football. We all come from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island but have moved to various institutions for our postsecondary schooling. We decided to start up this project to share our love for the Caps with fellow fans and others looking to get into the club, so feel free to share with anyone you believe may enjoy stopping by. We hope to see you at Caps games and events in the near future and here is to a successful season on and off the pitch!

Alexandre Gangué-Ruzic:

Editor in Chief, Founding Partner and Columnist

Alex is a second-year student at Ryerson University, after having finished his first year at Simon Fraser University. He is an avid footy fan, having started playing at the age of five and watching at the age of six. Also a big hockey player and fan, he combines these two sports on the field, where his playstyle is a self-described false nine that looks like “if Romelu Lukaku and Mesut Ozil had a baby”. He loves a good tackle as much as he loves a good pass and is probably one of the only people in the world to use a possession-based 4-4-2 when he plays Fifa. This random mix continues off the field, where he is a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world” who’s ancestry contains at least 8 different countries. Some of his favourite football memories include watching Man U win the champions league in 2008 and when he got to watch Senegal play at the recent World Cup in 2018. He has been sporadically going to Whitecaps games since the Swangard days but has become a regular visitor to BC place since the 2015 season. His favourite Whitecaps moment is when they hosted their first home playoff match in 2015, and he hopes to see more of that kind of atmosphere in the near future.

Keveren Guillou:

Director of Communications, Head of Photography and Founding Partner

 Keveren is an undergrad student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  Born and raised in Vancouver, he has observed first hand how the football community has developed over the years and has watched the Caps grow from Swanguard, all the way to BC Place.  Though he has never been the most talented player on the pitch, his passions for the game has never diminished. Having started as a striker, Keveren somehow ended up on the other side of the ball as a goalkeeper. He was overjoyed with France’s performance at last summers World Cup, as he is a dual French-Canadian citizen, and he hopes to one day see Canada accomplish the same.  Keveren considers himself an active member of the Francophone community in BC and has participated in many events that promote Francophone culture in the province. He hopes to engage in discussions with other fans over the course of the season, and include differing perspectives in his writing.

Bryan Woodward:

Assistant Head of Photography and Contributor

Bryan is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. Born and raised in a football-loving family in Vancouver and having played footy since the age of 4, he feels most at ease with a soccer ball at his feet. An avid fan of the beautiful game, he loves playing, watching, discussing and analyzing quality, possession football, and enjoys playing futsal as well. Outside of soccer, he enjoys visiting new places, learning, photography, music, skiing, biking, and spending time with friends and family. Having played youth soccer in Vancouver for 14 years, he knows the youth soccer scene in Vancouver very well. Bryan remembers watching the Whitecaps play at Swangard stadium as a young lad, and since then, he has been closely following the club’s expansion into what they are today. His favourite soccer memory is seeing both Messi and Ronaldo scoring at an El Clásico at the Camp Nou in 2017, and his favourite Whitecaps memory is seeing the ‘Caps spoil the party in Seattle with a 3-0 win back in 2016.  He dreams of the day when he’ll be able to see Canada play in (and win..!? hmm. that’s ambitious. maybe in my next life) the FIFA World Cup, and of the day when the Whitecaps lift the MLS Cup.

Felix Todd:

Consulting Editor and Contributor

Born and raised in Vancouver, Felix Todd now lives in Montreal and is a first-year student at McGill University. He was born into Whitecaps “supporterism”. From a young age, he would attend games at Swangard Stadium and still has fond memories every time he goes back, be it to cover the TSS Rovers or just for a stroll in Central Park. His favourite Whitecaps moment was when they won the USL in 2006 and the Southsiders poured onto the field following the final whistle and his 5-year-old hair got doused in beer. From a very young age, he’s always had a ball at his feet as well. A centre back until the age of 15, he had to move into central midfield, the position he always preferred, due to concussions. After a few more hits to the head, Felix stepped back from playing competitively altogether and found himself with a gig as coach. Always passionate about the game no matter from which perspective, he loves the opportunity to get insight on what Marc Dos Santos does with the Whitecaps. It is a perfect fit to write about his boyhood club, but for him, the most important games are in international football. Considering he is as proud a Canadian as they come you will also find him writing some passionate pieces about the Men’s and Women’s national teams as well as the program as a whole.